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Why Elope?

When I eloped 13 years ago, it was because we were on a timeline, and it seemed the easiest and quickest way to tie the knot per se. Happily, it has changed since then, and today it is a way for couples to celebrate their commitments to each other and is the best way to get married!

Couples can celebrate family and friends in a private ceremony or choose to say their vows in an intimate ceremony and celebrate with family later. Whatever way you choose to celebrate your day it is the perfect way.

I dare you to be yourselves and Elope.

Hi! I’m Amelia, I live in Missouri and work throughout the US, and to all American and European destinations. I love the outdoors and, the outdoors plays a large part in our daily lives. I grew up on an island and would hike the hills and valleys every day. I was lucky enough to be able to experience the world underwater almost every weekend and received my Scuba advanced certification as a teenager.

With nature being such a large part of my life growing up, it’s natural for that to have translated to my adult life. We hike and fish and all our vacations are planned around nature and what hikes and outdoor activities we can do and I’m always looking for the best places to elope.

What I Believe

I believe that being able to marry who you love is a human right and support my couples in doing so in a safe place.

I believe that adventure elopements are accessible for everyone, regardless of fitness level or age.

I believe in Leave No Trace Principles, protecting our planet is essential to our future.

I believe that your needs and wants should be respected and you’re allowed to go against tradition.

I will not tolerate prejudice or discrimination and will not work with those who are.

How I help you Achieve Your Dream Elopement

With the help of the Client Guide, which every booked couple gets, I walk you through the planning process. I research the best timing, permits, and locations and help you find vendors that align with your vision, so you can make the decisions that work best for you.

When your day arrives, I will be there capturing all the little moments. Letting you be yourselves and documenting the joy of the day as you experience it. After the elopement, you will receive your photos in an online gallery, where you can download and share them memorializing the day you said I do forever.

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