About Me

I’m Amelia Shahan, your elopement photographer,

and I’m always up for an adventure!

When looking for a new place to visit, I always check out google earth and hiking, camping pages. It’s all about the outdoors, but I do love some good food and a bottle of wine, we can’t forget the creature comforts.

The less traveled the better, I despise tourist traps. Some of my favorite spots are Fort Morgan, Alabama, it’s so peaceful and calm, Saba of course, my home island, and Colorado, the mountains just call to me. I have many more locations that will make perfect places for your elopement. 

As a large family, we love and value the outdoors. On my time off you will find us outside, fishing, camping, or hiking as a family. I am an advanced certified scuba diver and when I lived on the small island of Saba, I use to dive every chance I got. It is some of my happiest memories.

Some of our Adventures