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What is an Elopement?

Elopement is when the idea of a traditional wedding with 50 or more guests is traded in for a more intimate and romantic ceremony with just the couple and maybe a few of their closest friends or family. Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone-  they’re expensive, stressful, and to some more adventurous people they can be a little…boring. What are the benefits of choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding? Those who choose to elope do so for many reasons- including cost, intimacy, stress, location, and (more recently) following COVID 19 safety guidelines.

Couples Elope because it’s Affordable

Let’s face it: weddings are EXPENSIVE! When you have to budget for the dresses and/or tuxes, venues, photographer, food and drink, wedding planner, floral arrangements, DJ, and honeymoon, things add up quickly. Why not save yourself the stress of shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on the reception alone by having a romantic elopement? Elopement can save you thousands of dollars and lots of headaches, while also giving you a head start on the honeymoon! 

Eloping is Intimate

Another reason many choose elopement over a traditional wedding is intimacy. For some, the idea of getting in front of a hundred people and declaring their undying love can be overwhelming and can even make them self-conscious to the point where they don’t truly enjoy the moment. Alternatively, elopement is much more intimate and much less overwhelming. With an elopement, you can truly be in the moment with your partner and you don’t have to be nervous about speaking in front of a bunch of people. 

Eloping Reduces Stress

Planning a large wedding can be very stressful and can take years to save and prepare for. Additionally, large weddings tend to require lots of help which also means lots of people giving opinions as to what the wedding should be like. Maybe your mom wants you to do it at one location and your future mother-in-law wants it at another, maybe your guests are bad at RSVPing or are all wanting to bring guests that you have never met, or maybe you have friends or family that don’t get along and you have to figure out how to keep them separate. If you choose to elope you can save yourself a ton of planning and stress, and your wedding can be exactly how you want it without outside opinions getting in the way. 

Couples Elope for the Location

Finding a location big enough for all of your relatives and friends can be expensive and rather daunting. Additionally, some of the most beautiful places just aren’t equipped or accessible to large groups of people. Have you dreamed of getting married on a mountain, a beach, or even far out in the woods? If you have then elopement may be a great option for you! The fewer people you have to worry about, the easier it will be to find an absolutely stunning area to get married at. If you’re an adventurous couple who loves to explore and want your wedding and wedding photos to reflect that, elopement is for you!

Couples are Eloping Due to COVID-19

Many areas around the world still have COVID-19 restrictions in place. Additionally, having to worry about whether everyone in attendance at the wedding is vaccinated or not can be very stressful even if there are no restrictions in place. Many people have loved ones who are high-risk and the idea of having a large wedding where they are putting loved ones in danger can be scary and off-putting. With elopement you have much fewer people to worry about and safety measures can be much easier to deal with. 

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